Home fragrance 125ml spray

Home fragrances from the Migani Home collection. 125ml spray bottle. Top quality, long-lasting! Four available fragrances:

LIGHT LINEN: this scent is obtained from flax flowers, it’s refined, delicate and very elegant. Suitable to all rooms. This fragrance has been selected and bought mostly by professionals such as doctors and lawyers, to scent the spaces where they welcome their clients. A nice touch which is always appreciated.

ABSINTHE: this scent is obtained from Mugwort. Refined, sweet, intense. It’s a treat! This scent charms all women! Ideal for every room.

SPICY GINGER: this scent is obtained from ginger root. A fragrance with a great character, strong, captivating, my favourite! Suitable to the living area and to bathrooms. I would avoid using it in bedrooms due to its energising perfume!

AMBER: this scent is obtained from the amber stone. A high-class fragrance, slightly sweet, men’s favourite. Suitable to all rooms, even to work environments. I have a little secret for you: I use the spray solution to perfume my husband’s shirt wardrobe… it’s a delight!

Home fragrance 125ml spray. LIGHT LINEN, ABSINTHE, SPICY GINGER, AMBER.


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Light Linen, Absinthe, Spicy Ginger, Amber

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